September 19, 201 (In response to our Facebook posts)

I just want to thank you for sharing your photos, knowledge and humor to birders and non-birders alike. I often share your posts with friends. Several now better understand why I’m a compulsive birder; but most importantly, they have a better understanding of what makes nature so special.

– Allison Hilf, Denver, Colo.


September 8, 2014 (In response to Fall and winter 2014 bird festivals)

Thank you very much for listing our CFO festival just completed August 31. It was a great success thanks to festival listings like yours. We had participants from Colorado and 11 other states.

– Tom Wilberding, Treasurer, Colorado Field Ornithologists



July 27, 2014 (In response to Resilient Woodpeckers hard to knock – or stop)

Your reference of our paper fits very well in this situation.

– David Foster, Ecology Professor at Harvard University, Director of the Harvard Forest, and co-author of a 2006 paper in Conservation Biology



July 16, 2014 (In response to Adélie Penguins thriving amid Antarctica’s melting ice)

You did a good job in relaying the complexity of the issue. In polar ecosystems things are supposed to be simple but clearly that is a rule of thumb that is quite relative. It’s great that you got beyond the “penguins good, retreat of sea ice bad” story that permeates the journo-sphere.

– David Ainley, ecologist with H. T. Harvey & Associates Ecological Consultants


July 3, 2014 (In response to Birds use egg-feature tricks, pattern recognition to eject counterfeit eggs from nests)

Thank you so much for covering our work so thoroughly! I think the article looks really great.

– Mary Caswell Stoddard, a researcher at Harvard University’s Museum of Comparative Zoology



October 29, 2013 (In response to 9 screech-owl secrets: fishing, nest boxes, junk food and sex)

Very excited to read the full article on screech-owls! Urban birds of all kinds – and especially urban raptors – pique my interest. I’m excited to read Birdsnews in the future.

– Lindsey Nichols, Birdsnews.com subscriber


October 16, 2013 (In response to 9 screech-owl secrets: fishing, nest boxes, junk food and sex)

I learned quite a bit. Now I know what a great website Birdsnews is and definitely want to subscribe.

Werner Deuser, scientist, Falmouth, Mass.


October 10, 2013 (In response to Ornithologists discover why Wilson’s Warbler sub-species vanishing)

A beautifully written piece. Loved it.

– Salman Khan, Karachi, Pakistan, http://natureology101.wordpress.com/

September 13, 2013 (In response to Bird deaths averted when 9-11 light show turned off for confused migrants)

This is great!!!! Thanks for your interest!

– Andrew Farnsworth, ornithologist, Cornell Lab of Ornithology



September 10, 2013 (In response to Wild birds seldom carry H7N9 bird flu – but beware of domestic fowl)

Nicely done and good luck with birdsnews!

– Dr. Sarah Olson, wildlife epidemiologist, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada



September 3, 2013 (In response to Avian learning of speed limits reduces road-kill birds? Not so fast)

“Thank you so much for this VERY interesting piece. You are initiating a review on the subject!”

-Pierre Legagneux, PhD, Université du Quebec à Rimouski, Canada



August 14, 2013 (In response to Osprey nest watchers photograph fierce defensive attack on heron

“Just saw the article and it rocks!   Photo story is perfect.  Thanks again for your interest in the encounter. A photographers dream shoot for sure!”

– Tina Gartley, member of the “Osprey Paparazzi” birder group in Michigan



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